About the MigraineSurvival Blog

last updated: 06/07/11

Welcome to the Migraine Survival blog. As with the rest of www.migrainesurvival.com, the purpose of the blog is to keep you informed about all aspects of migraine and ot more ...

How Do You Draw Circles?

last updated: 10/29/14

Random correlation: only 46% of the general population draws circies counterclockwise (or anticlockwise), but 64% of migraine sufferers draw circles counterclockwise. No one knows why.



more ...

Two New Migraine Trackers

last updated: 06/17/14

There are two new migraine trackers available, and both are seeking beta testers.

Migraine Buddy times your migraine attacks and records episodes. Beta testers will receive one year's free service. more ...

Another CGRP-antibody Drug in Development

last updated: 07/05/13

As recently discussed, CGRP plays a role in migraine, and CGRP antagonist drugs have been developed, but are not yet available for use. We discussed a new more ...

Migraine with Aura Represents Significant Risk Factor for Stroke

last updated: 07/01/13

New data recently presented at the International Headache Congress in Boston reveal that migraine with aura represents an even stronger risk factor for stroke than previously thought. In prior studies showing an association between stroke and migr more ...

Migraine, CGRP, and Antibodies

last updated: 05/11/13

CGRP (calcitonin gene-related protein) has been found to play a role in causing migraine. CGRP is released from trigmeninal ganglia cells, and migraineurs have an increased level of CGRP in blood serum. In the brain more ...

Depression Increases Risk of Episodic Migraine Progression to Chronic Migraine

last updated: 12/20/12

The co-occurrence of depression and chronic migraine is well known. And, after all, it would not be unusual to be depressed if you had a headache more days than not.

However, a more ...

More on Medication Overuse Headache

last updated: 09/22/12

Medication overuse headache occurs when the underlying headache disorder becomes worse because of the frequency of pain medication taken for the headache. Medication overuse headache, or MOH, occurs most frequently in migraine and posttraumatic he more ...

TRPV1, Migraine, and Sumatriptan

last updated: 09/07/12

What on earth is TRPV1? TRPV1 is an ion channel brain receptor - the long name is transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (for you biology geeks). It is also known as the capsaicin receptor.

TRPV1 is activated by chemical irritants, infla more ...

Is Visual Snow a Migraine Aura?

last updated: 07/01/12

Visual snow looks like falling snow, static on a TV, or tiny dots in all or part of the visual field. It can be considered to be a form of visual hallucination, and can also present as a migraine phenomenon. The tec more ...

Generic Zomig Coming Soon?

last updated: 02/02/12

When Will There Be a Generic Zomig Equivalent?

Impax Laboratories reported yesterday that it had acquired US rights to Zomig from AstraZeneca PLC. The patent on Zomig does not expire until November of 2012 more ...

Cardiac Patients with Migraine

last updated: 01/16/12

If you have heart disease, your options for migraine treatment are limited. Triptan medications should be avoided. This is because triptans can decrease the diameter of blood vessels which, if already narrowed by he more ...

OTC Recall - Excedrin, Bufferin, and Other Drugs

last updated: 01/09/12

Novartis has announced the recall of several over-the-counter medications because of a quality issue. Some of the bottles may contain broken tablets, or a mixture of tablets, caplets, and gelcaps. There is also the possibility that other medicatio more ...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diet Remedies

last updated: 11/10/11

While many IBS patients know that there are certain trigger foods that bring on their symptoms, there has never been a specific IBS diet. However, recent research suggests that there may be foods to avoid that can d more ...

New Film Depiction of Chronic Migraine: A Review of Lily's Mom

last updated: 11/07/11

If you have the opportunity to see Lily's Mom, do so. This movie is about a woman, Mary, from a dysfunctional family who is in a bad marriage, and who has frequent headaches. She is in danger of losing her job becau more ...

Can Bad Vision Cause Headaches?

last updated: 08/31/11

Uncorrected Vision Problems and Headache

Guest post by Dr. Ingo Anderle, ophthalmic optician

There is a correlation between he more ...

Can bariatric surgery help migraine?

last updated: 04/16/11

Migraine and Obesity Related

It has been well-established that there is a connection between obesity and migraine headaches. The number of headaches a month is higher in the overweight, and even higher i more ...

Heart Defect in Children with Migraine with Aura

last updated: 03/10/11

In a small study of children with migraine (109 children six and over) the presen more ...

Licorice as a Headache Trigger?

last updated: 12/28/10

Can Licorice Cause a Headache?

Apparently, it can, although that headache may not necessarily be a garden variety migraine.

Some licorice, especially many va more ...

New Migraine Treatments

last updated: 11/28/10

Emerging Migraine Therapies: Could These Work For You?

There are two new potential migraine therapies in the wings, one for chr more ...

Darvon and Darvocet off the Market

last updated: 11/19/10

Pain Medication Propoxyphene Withdrawn

If you use or have used propoxyphene, which is contained in Darvon compound and Darvocet N, this medication will no longer be a more ...

Botox Approved in US

last updated: 10/29/10

Botox Gets US FDA Approval for Chronic Migraine

Earlier this month, the more ...

Emotions Enhance Pain

last updated: 10/11/10

Chronic Headache and Migraine - What's your childhood got to do with it?

more ...

Delaying Migraine Treatment

last updated: 09/08/10

Do you ever delay treating your migraines?

It's a fairly common thing to do. You think to yourself, this one won't be all that b more ...

New migraine gene found

last updated: 09/01/10

First genetic key to migraine without aura

Research recently reported by the more ...

Migraine Art Video

last updated: 07/31/10

Please view this excellent Migraine Art Video, which was put together by James at more ...

Botox approved for chronic migraine in UK

last updated: 07/01/10

Botox receives approval for chronic migraine

Today, 9 July, the British Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory more ...

What Do Pirates and Migraine Sufferers Have in Common?

last updated: 06/06/10

Pirates wore eyepatches not because they had all lost an eye. They did so as a defensive mechanism. When you are in a bright environment and go suddenly into the dark, it takes a while to be able to see. Pirates wou more ...

Traumatic Brain Injury

last updated: 04/07/10

Acquired Head Injuries an Increasing Source of Headache?

The Centers for Disease Control have recently released updated more ...

How to Know If Your Headache Is a Migraine?

last updated: 04/01/10

The question of whether a headache is a migraine may seem obvious if you are an experienced migraine sufferer, but not everyone knows this stuff inside out. There is still confusion out there, and it’s always more ...

Long-Term Headaches May Arise from WTC Dust & Fumes

last updated: 02/01/10

Longer-Term Exposure to World Trade Center Dust May Be Headache Risk

Research recently released by the more ...

Cocoa and chocolate - The sequel

last updated: 01/15/10

Cocoa and Blood Pressure?

Ten blood pressure studies were compared; five of tea intake and five of cocoa intake. In the cocoa studies, 64% of the subjects were men an more ...

Chocolate - Friend or Foe?

last updated: 01/01/10

Chocolate gets a lot of bad press as a headache trigger. Is it really as bad as it’s made out to be? Actually, it's not. 

A 1995 study foun more ...

Early warning signs in children with migraine

last updated: 12/01/09

If you have a child with migraine headaches, you know how alarming it can be to have a child with aura symptoms. These symptoms can be hel more ...

Headache on the Hill

last updated: 02/23/09

Feb.23-7, 2009  The Second annual Headache on the Hill event occurred and was deemed successful.  Thirty-five headache specialists, researchers, and headache bloggers met to ask Congress for additional NIH more ...

Menstrual Migraine Treatments

last updated: 09/30/08

Are Newly Announced Treatments for Menstrual Migraine Really New?

I have seen a number of blog posts and t more ...