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New Film Depiction of Chronic Migraine: A Review of Lily's Mom

If you have the opportunity to see Lily's Mom, do so. This movie is about a woman, Mary, from a dysfunctional family who is in a bad marriage, and who has frequent headaches. She is in danger of losing her job because of her chronic migraine headaches, and has no practical support system. But she wants to do her best to support her daughter, Lily.

The story unfolds as Mary, Lily's mom, sees a therapist and gradually gains control of her life, and then her migraine headaches.

Lily's Mom starts on a dark note, but quickly pulls you in and you find that you are rooting for Mary as she makes choices to reclaim her life. The movie ends with hope for a bright future.

Lily's Mom was written, produced, and directed by Dr. Ed Messina, a headache specialist in Michigan. If you live in Michigan, there will be a viewing of the movie on December 8. Find out more about Lily's Mom.