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The Oregon Headache Clinic

The Oregon Headache Clinic

15259 SE 82nd Drive, #201B

Clackamas, OR 97015

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The Oregon Headache Clinic, located at 15259 SE 82nd Dr, #201B, Clackamas, OR 97015, and founded by Christina Peterson M.D., was established to help patients identify and treat headache disorders, including migraine and chronic head pain.

Dr. Peterson is a physician specializing in neurology for twenty-five years who has treated thousands of patients with headache pain. Dr. Peterson has experienced the pain of migraine herself and has, through her own deep experience and study, developed a thorough understanding of the tools needed to conquer this suffering. This personal experience gives Dr. Peterson a unique perspective on the management of migraines and other headaches. She believes in patient participation over patient passivity; informing and involving patients is the first step to true wellness. The individualized headache management program incorporates education, counseling, medication, and referrals to other medical specialists when appropriate.

Dr. Christina Peterson is the author of "The Women's Migraine Survival Guide", published by HarperPerennial. She has also contributed  the "Differential Diagnosis of Headache" section, published in two editions of Chiropractic Management of Spine-Related Disorders, and a chapter on whiplash and headache in an upcoming book on Whiplash Disorders. She speaks on the subject of migraine and other headaches to hospitals, employers, physicians and nurses, as well as lay audiences.

Dr. Peterson is often asked to consult on the subject of headaches and migraines in a variety of business and clinical settings. She has published on the subject professionally, and has been a reviewer for the journal, Headache. Dr. Peterson is a member of the National Headache Foundation, the American Headache Society, the International Headache Society, the American Academy of Neurology, and the Headache Cooperative of the Pacific.