Migraine Quiz

Treatment And Management


There can be a variety of approaches available for managing the various types of headaches. Some headache types lend themselves to a specific regimen more than others. Rather than review the particular management strategy available for each specific headache type, we encourage headache sufferers to see a physician for definitive diagnosis and a discussion of management and treatment options. What follows is a general discussion of prevention and treatment strategies for some of the major types of headache. There are many other headache types and many other possible headache treatment strategies. It is always best for each headache sufferer to seek medical evaluation. Whenever possible, the best approach is to prevent headache. However, that is not always possible, and treatment becomes necessary. There is no one best treatment for migraine or for other headache types. Different people respond to different things.You may have to try several treatment strategies before you find the thing, or combination of things, that works best for you.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

"Non-conventional" forms of treatment are being used increasingly. Some are more effective in the prevention and treatment of headache than others.

Food Triggers

Not everyone has food triggers, but if you think you might, learn more about this important aspect of migraine prevention.

Headache Diary

Keeping a headache diary can help you track potential headache triggers, as well as response to treatment. Tracking symptoms may aid in diagnosis and management.

Lifestyle Management

Headache prevention begins with the simple things:  eat right, don't skip meals, sleep well, keep a regular schedule, and stay hydrated.


Although some headaches can respond to non-medication strategies, others, especially cluster headache and some migraines may require a medication approach.

Stress Management

Stress management is important in both tension-type and migraine headache; pain serves as a stressor.  Any headache exerts a toll on everyday life.