Neurologic Disorders

There are several other neurologic disorders that are more common in migraine sufferers. Why “other?” Because migraine itself is a neurological disorder, since it originates within the brain. The three most commonly occurring neurological disorders among the non-elderly are migraine, epilepsy, and head injury. (Amongst the elderly, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s become more prominent. For most migraine sufferers, headaches either disappear or become less prominent around age 60.)

Epilepsy occurs more commonly in migraine sufferers. A genetic link has been discovered between the two.

There is also a relationship between mild traumatic brain injury and headache, of course, as it can result in posttraumatic headache. They may have migraine-like features. And head injury represents a risk factor for the development of chronic daily headache.

Other less commonly occurring neurological conditions that occur more frequently in migraine sufferers are restless legs syndrome, essential tremor, and multiple sclerosis.

The correlation with multiple sclerosis is not well understood, and further research has been suggested.