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Emerging Migraine Therapies: Could These Work For You?

There are two new potential migraine therapies in the wings, one for chronic migraine, and one for episodic migraine. The specialty pharmaceuticals company, Winston Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has recently announced positive results from its Phase II trial of Dolorac®. Dolorac Nasal Solution is a patented solution of doxepin 0.4% for twice-daily administration for the prevention of chronic migraine. In this 210 patient double-blind controlled trial, Dolorac was significantly more effective than control in improving the primary study endpoints of Headache Duration and Patient Global Satisfaction in subjects with chronic migraine (>180 headache days a year). Larger Phase III trials are planned for 2011. Read more about this chronic migraine trial.

Could Dolorac® help you? This will be better answered by the upcoming Phase III trials. This also raises the question of whether or not oral doxepin might be effective in chronic migraine. That study has not yet been done.

For episodic migraine sufferers, a Phase III trial will be beginning after the first of the year (2011) to study the safety and efficacy of the oral application of ketoprofen gel for the treatment of acute migraine. Topical nonsteroidal agents have been in use for other conditions, but have not been studied for migraine. It is known that oral NSAIDs are effective in the treatment of migraine. This study looks at application of an NSAID gel against the gumline, and compares this to a placebo gel. This migraine study will end in January 2012. A similar study of ketoprofen gel applied to oral mucosa is beginning which will look at once daily application to assess prevention of migraine. This will be a four month study of migraine. These emerging treatments may be of help to you. Results will be available in one to two years.