Toxic/Metabolic Headaches

Hangover headache? That's one kind of metabolic headache

There are several types of metabolic abnormalities that can result in headache. The two you might be most familiar with might be dehydration and hangover. It's pretty important to make sure you stay hydrated. A less common metabolic headache would be low blood sugar from skipping meals.

Exposure to toxic substances can also cause headaches. Examples of this would be exposure to chemical fumes or even the fumes from household cleaning products. A

Another, however, would be drug-induced headaches. Common examples of medications that can cause a headache would be nitroglycerin and other nitrates taken for heart disease, or medications like Viagra®, Cialis® or Levitra®. Be aware that many medications can cause headaches. If you are taking something new, and you have started to have more headaches than usual, it could just be the medication.